Sociable as Zelda Fitzgerald

What to do, what to do?  I am no longer the " captain" but merely a stowaway and I must  reinvent myself.  All the Fabulous women do. I recently went out & got a library card ( remember this is my hometown) thankfully unrecognized. Then I came across an event that caused the goosebumps!  Historical Fiction Book Club, Oakville  Museum,  February book, Z ...A Novel Zelda Fitzgerald .  If that is not a lightenbolt message what is? ( Mom worked at this museum , I would wait for her OUTside!   Her little black swan of the family.)  Now. invisible, I gathered all the information I needed to attend in February after reading Zelda's book.   Yes, Lightenbolt!  If you have read, or seen the movie, Zelda & I have several similarities. I will report back here if I was welcomed or WELcomed! 

Oakville Histoical Museum

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2020 🖤 Roaring 20's / Crystal Vision

It is a NEW everything for me!  Back in my hometown , imagining what is possible. Last time I asked myself that was 50 years ago.  Now I have maturity & wisdom on my side! Hahahaha!
They will arrive, eventually!

I went out BOOK shopping with my sister after the children were back in their confinement, I knew the roads & shop would be calm, suitable for my outing.  Cleverly armed with a list, march straight to computer to see how many I would carry home.  One! after careful planning, reading reviews, asking myself " do you REALLY" want to read that? One book was to ticked OFF!  So cruising the shelves
with my sister ( who has a book club) she took photos for consideration, I was wondering what the hell is taking my favorite authors so dam long!  Also I prefer soft covers now as I know how heavy they all are to carry down stairs & load in small car.
Why was my sister pointing to Self Help section?

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Summer of 2019 Reading

This is a new construction of thoughts on matters of interest.  I would love to begin a reading room
we're honest critic can be expressed.
So many authors are flooding the market with the same formula , it annoys me.   I must research what constitutes plagerism.  I have quickly flipped to the author s backflap for a hint of who they are.
Skimpy source I know, but a picture is worth more to me & my intuition than words.
If a rule to writers is " write what you know" then judging an author would give me a starting point.

I must confess, I enjoy writers ( female) who are past the chapters filled with romance.( sex)  I prefer
A more clever approach, my imagination isn't gone YET.  Yes, this shortens the reading list, but what great classics depend on pages of the "original sin" ( don't jump , I  know, subjective)

This brings me to Why are most bookreview sites run by young people? ( women).  Older do still read & buy books, it is still the gift gr…